Are there health advantages to being vegetarian?

Answer Ok, there are actually quite a number of reasons being a vegetarian is much healthier than eating meat. Some of the other answers seem to have some misperceptions about things like protein, fat, an... Read More »

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Which is the good food for health vegetarian or non vegetarian?

Vegetarian food is better for health because it never was made of any animal's body or so.Then,vegetarian food gives you many health improvements.Non-vegetarian food pollutes human's body with the ... Read More »

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being vegetarian?

Pros:What you eat is likely to be healthier.No worries re. horrid factory farming methods, hormones, antibiotics, etc in meat.It's usually harder to get fat.It forces some very creative cooking, es... Read More »

Guy at health food store said there is NO foods a ( vegetarian) can eat that has b12 in it?

Ask yourself this question: Where do animals get the B12 that is in their body?Basically, yes, the guy at the store does not know what he's talking about. Tell your mom the truth:http://drmcdouga... Read More »

How to Avoid the Health Risks of Vegetarian Diets?

Done correctly, a vegetarian diet can have a host of health benefits. In some cases, following a vegetarian diet can even reduce or reverse your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertensi... Read More »