Are there enough 3D contents to watch on a 3D TV?

Answer More and more movies are being made in 3D now and YouTube also has 3D contents available now. Some 3D TVs have 2D to 3D conversion that allows you to watch basically anything in 3D (sports, any 2D ... Read More »

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Is there such a lead which I can watch contents of my I-pad 2 on LG tv?

The easiest and most comfortable solution is to buy an Apple TV then use the iPad 2's built in AirPlay feature. This will give you the freedom to move around your room while watching the contents o... Read More »

Is there a director you like, but not enough to watch all of their movies?

Yes, I really like Christopher Nolan (Inception, Batman, Memento, Prestige) but I don't feel like wathcing movies such as Following and Insomnia. Maybe I will, but not right now. BQ: Inception, the... Read More »

Where do you get 3D contents to watch on a 3D TV?

There are a lot of 3D DVDs available. Broadcast 3D is becoming more common and there are also on line sources for 3D content as well. 3D content will become more common as the market penetration in... Read More »

Is there any limitation for the 2D to 3D conversion contents in Cinema 3D TV?

Nope, you may convert whole shows all day long to 3D viewing. No charge at all. It's nice and simple. Even the commercial break is in 3D! There is also an option to adjust the effect of 3D in terms... Read More »