Are there dust mites in caves?

Answer According to, dust mites first plagued our cave-dwelling ancestors. They can be brought into caves through birds. Dust mites are a type of acarid of the same family as Sarcoptes (mange m... Read More »

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Is there any fabric that resists both dust mites& chemicals?

There are not any fabrics that resist both dust mites and chemicals; most fabrics readily absorb chemicals, unless they have received a chemical treatment. However, there are several fabrics that r... Read More »

Do you ever start looking around your house thinking of dust mites, all the mites in your bed......?

When I first saw this science show about dust mites and how they look under a microscope it really did freak me out. We drop all of these dead skin cells and that's what they eat. How disgusting! ... Read More »

Are dust mites bad?

On One Hand: Dust Mites Are CommonExposure to dust mites is unavoidable because they are in every environment. You'll most commonly find dust mites in the home within bedding, furniture and carpeti... Read More »

How do I get rid of dust mites in carpet?

Dust Mite RemovalSelect an antidust mite powder or spray from allergy-specialty companies or in the health section of some general stores. Spray the dust mite killer into your carpet, and allow it ... Read More »