Are there drug dogs at airports?

Answer The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) uses the Canine Enforcement Program, which includes detector dogs trained to sniff out and identify narcotics, smuggled agriculture products, unrepo... Read More »

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Can drug dogs sniff for more than one drug at a time?

Yes, drug dogs can sniff for more than one at a time because, as part of their narcotics-detecting training, they learn to become familiar with a variety of drug fumes and odors.Source:Sniff Dogs: ... Read More »

What is the drug metacam for dogs?

Metacam is a prescription medication manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim pharmaceutical company. It is a brand name for the drug "meloxicam". Other brand names include Mobic and Mobicox.MeloxicamM... Read More »

The History of Drug Dogs?

Utilized throughout history as a tool in war, security, intimidation and human control, man's best friend, the dog, began to be employed by developing police departments in the 19th century. Over t... Read More »

Can drug dogs smell pot on clothes?

On One Hand: Sensitive Noses Can Detect Even Hidden DrugsWell-trained drug-sniffing dogs have extremely sensitive and accurate noses. Cases of "sniffer dogs" detecting drug odors that dealers attem... Read More »