Are there donkeys in haiti?

Answer Many people in Haiti use donkeys as their main means of transportation, according to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International. Donkeys are also used to carry objects, such... Read More »

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If im 16yrs old could i volunteer to go to haiti during the summer of 2010 to help out and then get a free transport from Mississippi to there and back?

No you dont want to go its good you have a heart but people are running around theres no medical supplies theres prisoners for the jail walking around i beg you stay in the US

Are donkeys sterile?

Donkeys are not sterile and can reproduce. Donkeys that reproduce with other donkeys produce donkeys. If a donkey reproduces with a horse, however, the offspring, whether a mule or a hinny, is almo... Read More »

Are donkeys horses?

Donkeys and horses are two different species; donkeys are generally smaller than horses, have longer ears, shorter manes and tails, and other visual and internal traits that differ from horses. How... Read More »

Are democrats donkeys?

The donkey is generally accepted as the political symbol of the Democratic party, but has never been officially adopted. The concept was first embraced by Andrew Jackson in 1828 when he was mocked ... Read More »