Are there different qualities of granite for countertops?

Answer Yes, there are different qualities of granite for countertops. The San Diego Union Tribune reports that manufacturers generally separate granite by quality into three grades. Granite quality varies... Read More »

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Is formica granite less expensive than granite countertops?

Formica is less expensive than other countertop materials, including granite and marble. Formica is made of plastic and is regarded as a laminate while granite countertops come in the form of a sto... Read More »

Need granite countertops?

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How much are granite countertops?

Granite countertops range in price from $40 to $120 per square foot depending on where you live, the brand of the countertops and the place that you purchased the countertops from. Countertop costs... Read More »

How much do granite countertops cost?

Slab granite countertops cost about $70 to $90 per square foot installed. The price differs because there are different thicknesses and edge treatments. Granite tiles are less expensive, at about $... Read More »