Are there dentists out there who do in house financing and where do I find them?

Answer Where do you live? You can try talking to the doctor, or getting him to suggest a place. Perhaps you could take a loan from the bank if you are desperately in need of money.

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Is there a website where you can type in item and have them find the best price out there?

I use you can check the ratings of a site as well to protect yourself. This site saved me many headaches when buying a wouldn't believe how many ... Read More »

Is there a way you can have your wife removed from the house for verbal abuse towards your children if you do not live there and cannot stand to see what is happening to them?

Answer Sorry to say this but your hands are tied until you bring her to court and have the children evaluated which could they quite some time. I am assuming you have not been awarded custody of ... Read More »

Is there an exception for government assistance for a couple who are both 17-years-old and pregnant when there is no room for them at either parents' home and their parents do not want them?

Answer I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant. I know it is hard. I guess my first thing is are you sure you are ready to live with the babies father?? It is really hard on a young couple with a... Read More »

How to find where ants are getting in house when you don't see them outside?

you may never find where they are nesting if they are in the hollows of a you can do is to find and ant and watch it to see where it disappears into the wall at...using one of the sugar... Read More »