Are there dangers of microwaving in styrofoam?

Answer On One Hand: The FDA Tests ContainersThe Federal Drug Administration (FDA) tests Styrofoam food containers to ensure they don't leech unsafe levels of chemicals into foods when cooked in a microwav... Read More »

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Is microwaving water in Styrofoam healthy?

On One Hand: Claims of Chemical Dangers Are OverstatedA widely circulated email cautioned readers on the dangers of heating food in plastic and Styrofoam containers. However, the Harvard Medical S... Read More »

Are there dangers of vaccinations?

No, there really aren't any dangers. Some people say that they are dangerous because a pathogen, such as a virus or bacteria, is being injected into you. But in reality, the "germs" put in a vaccin... Read More »

Are there dangers to taking acai berry?

On One Hand: Fruits Are Healthy Parts of a Well-Rounded DietThe acai berry is a fruit. Fresh fruits are healthy parts of a well-rounded diet. In an Environmental Nutrition article, nutritionist Dia... Read More »

Are there enough dangers associated with the swine flu?

Yes there are dangers to the swine flu as well as other diseases. But often the things given to us to fix the problem are more dangerous than the original problem.I encourage ppl to do some researc... Read More »