Are there compelling reaons to select between a Nikon D40 Canon 400D Pentax k200D with standard and tele zoom lenses?

Answer Nikon was founded 1917 as Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō. It was renamed after it's camera range and is now owned by Mitsubushi.

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I have a Nikon D5000 with F mount, is there ANY lens adaptors so I can use old Canon and Pentax Lenses?

This article should answer your question:…Ask your mom if you can sell her old lenses and use the money to buy Nikon lenses.

Do Canon standard zoom lenses have a macro mode?

Canon Sure Shot Zoom-S is not a SLR offer variety of brand name digital cameras, including compact Point & Shoot and SLR Professional types of cameras.

Which camera to buy Nikon d80 with 18-135mm lens. Or Pentax k200d with 15mm-55 lens (II)?

First, don't be misled by the supposed vast availability of Nikon lenses and their compatibility with various bodies. Pentax, just like Nikon, still uses the same lens mount they used over 30 years... Read More »

Can a Canon XSi use Pentax lenses?

The Canon XSi DSLR camera has a Canon EF-S bayonet mount. While it is compatible with all Canon EF lenses, it can also be used with Pentax lenses with the use of an adapter. The adapters fit betwee... Read More »