Are there close competitors to bose for earbuds?

Answer Yes, there is a brand called Audio Technica Quiet that is a close competitor to the Bose Earbuds. They cost about 140.00 dollars, which is about 60 percent less than the Bose product, and they are ... Read More »

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Are there any consumer reports on Bose earbuds?

I have researched reviews for the Bose earbuds and found that Cnet has reviews of this product (Bose IE2 ear buds). You can also find comparison reviews. The overall rating of this product is 3.5 o... Read More »

Can you use Bose earbuds on a computer?

You can use Bose, or any earbuds, on a computer or laptop as long as it has the correct port for headsets. Check the back of the computer or the front/sides of your laptop for an "audio out" port t... Read More »

BOSE SPEAKERS.Why is there a mystical Aura about themSurely there must be some as good,dya know any.?

Bose products are in reality, total rubbish.However, they have the most incredible marketing methods, which make them seem desirable despite the poor sound and poor build quality. People are sucke... Read More »

Is the gopro hero camera the best camera for its price or are there competitors that have better cameras?

There are many cameras that do similar things that the GoPro line can do, however, the GoPro is unique in one very important respect. It comes with an almost indestructible, waterproof housing that... Read More »