Are there citrus trees in ireland?

Answer Citrus fruits are not commercially grown in Ireland as the climate does not allow for citrus to grow. Ireland's consumption of citrus fruit is low due to the fact that it must be imported from othe... Read More »

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How to Clone Citrus Trees?

Quality citrus trees, ones that regularly product sweet fruit, are essentially clones of older quality trees. The method used to create new, young, healthy trees is called grafting or budding, whic... Read More »

When do citrus trees bloom?

Citrus trees begin to bud in late winter and continue to develop into spring, which is when they bloom. The blooms usually fall off the tree long before the fruit appears.Source:Sunkist: How Citru... Read More »

Citrus Trees in Arizona?

According to, citrus tree cultivation in Arizona is limited to the Yuma, Maricopa, Pinal and Mohave counties, since they typically remain frost-free and adequate, cheap water is availab... Read More »

Best way to irrigate citrus trees?

The best for all trees is drip / micro.Add a fert. injector, a good time clock and it takes care of itself.if you want to contact me via answers, i'll send you the design i did for u of c during th... Read More »