Are there any web sites where I can watch TV on my computer Things like sci-fi or HGTV for free?

Answer The simple answer is NO, you can't watch premium cable channels free on you computer! Otherwise, WHY would millions of people be paying subscription fees to the cable and satellite companies? No fr... Read More »

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How can I watch porn on my I itouch iPod What are some free sites?

How do you access blocked sites with a school computer. [Social Networking, and Things like that]?

heres a list of proxy siteswww.myspaceproxyace.comwww.unblockworld.comwww.dekentering.comwww.unblock7.comwww.myspaceproxy1.commathwhizzer.comunhideweb.comi think they are all myspace :)A proxy serv... Read More »

Sites to send pictures from computer to cell phone for free?

You just use email! It's free on the computer end, but it will use up one message from your texting plan. Unless you have unlimited texting. Even if you use a "free site" or one of the "free progra... Read More »

How can you watch tv from your computer for free?

Try Hulu or the major TV network station websites.