Are there any ways to help this student of mine?

Answer he could be a Visual learner and might need visual stimulation to help him remember things. also if you have done a regular assessment on this child and he is not where he should be for a regular 6... Read More »

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PLEASE HELP ME! I am so sad in this body of mine:( HELP!?

I hope you succeed. But you have to eat healthy to do this. Stop eating sugars, or foods with sugar. Drink plenty of water, especially when you are exercising.Decrease the amount of carbohydrate... Read More »

A good friend of mine on here said I should ask this question which I could use your help. Please help?

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Student loans, is there an organization that will help you with pay your student loan?

There you go :…Good luck !

Are there any good ways to get money for college that are not student loans provided by schools?