Are there any two door suvs?

Answer Two door SUVs are on the decline but as of 2010 but you can still find some two door SUV models such as the Jeep Wrangler. Older models of the Ford Explorer and Chevy Tahoe also feature two doors.S... Read More »

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Are there any laws on children riding in the back of SUVs that do not have a 3rd row seat?

AnswerIf you mean behind the second row, yes, it's illegal. And it's extremly unsafe even if it is legal. There may be a few "behind the times" states that still have the law that as long as all se... Read More »

Is there a cooling off period for a vacuum cleaner bought from a door to door salesman?

Some freezers are designed differently, not all refrigerators have the freezer compartment on the bottom. My fridge has the whole left side of it as the freezer compartment. So it all just depends.

There is a door in my house that has a thing you have to push above the handle to open the door. What is that?

I call it a door latch release because it releaes the latch from the strike plate so you can open the door. Great question. I'll star it for you. Maybe one of my contacts knows more about it.

Is there any way to open an automatic garage door from the exterior, if there is no other entry?

The suggestion about pressing in on the top panel at the center and trying to grab the cord hanging down is a good one. You may need a rigid wire like a coat hanger or something to reach it. If ... Read More »