Is there anywhere that will help or donate any dental services for a student that needs an implant?

Answer Answer Contact a local dental school to see if you can get low-cost or no-cost treatment.Good luck! ~ T

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Are there any internet TV services that compete with cable or satellite tv?

Theirs loads of them, but most of them are not legal just type in the channel you want in Google and im sure loads of streams will pop up for you to watch! for FREE!! Good Luck

Is there anything out there that can open those ridiculous plastic packages?

I recently purchased a package opener called the Plastic Surgeon. Works great on those tough to open clamshell packages! I got it just in time to open holiday gifts for the kids.You can buy one her... Read More »

There is a door in my house that has a thing you have to push above the handle to open the door. What is that?

I call it a door latch release because it releaes the latch from the strike plate so you can open the door. Great question. I'll star it for you. Maybe one of my contacts knows more about it.

Calculating safe towing for 1997 F350 towing 4-horse gooseneck trailer?

The question cannot be answered without having more information like engine size and rear end ratio however you can call the people below and they will help you once you have all of the required in... Read More »