Are there any survey sites that actually pay you?

Answer Some legit paid survey sites that pay you for real are1. Global Test market2. Surveys Paid. These two does not also require any registration fee. Hope that helps.

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Are there any good sites that i could apply for scholarships and actually get them?

If you didn't suck as a student you'd be eligible for plenty of scholarships, but since you don't then you need to get a job.

What are some new proxy sites that actually work?

Sorry but im not going to help some kid override settings on the school computer :)

Are there any foods out there that actually lower cholesterol?

I scored a total cholesterol level of 220 and upon being told that - I did what I knew to do - and in 4 months brought it to 153. My "good" cholesterol went from 40 to 45... and I continue to work ... Read More »

Is there any women out there that actually enjoy anal sex?

Porn stars do a lot to prepare themselves for anal sex on the set.They vacate their bowels using laxatives and anal douche bottles to wash away fecal matter. The actors also are very good at relaxi... Read More »