Are there any scholarships for white males?

Answer SO TRUE! My parents and I have looked everywhere for scholarships, on fastweb and all other kinds of websites but it seems the majority of people getting scholarships are minorities. Or people unde... Read More »

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Why are there black scholarships, but no white scholarships?

Scholarships can use whatever criteria they want: ethnicity, gender, age, intended major, artistic talents, etc. There is even a scholarship for tall people and another one for those with red hair.... Read More »

Why do you think there are less males on adoption forums?

Truthfully?Men are taught by society not to be emotional. We are taught not to talk about our problems, not to express our feelings. We are told that doing so makes us weak. And doing so does, i... Read More »

Do you think there is more Females then males that are vegetarians?

Because most men don't post to internet forums like YA. I'd say from real life experience it's about 60% women; 40% men.

Laptop scholarships out there?

yeah, over apply for anything you qualify for. when all schooling is paid, books paid for, you get the balance, thus what you need; a laptop.its used for schooling...----------try to aim for grants... Read More »