Are there any scholarships available for students with wealthy parents?

Answer I would recommend that you look for scholarship that are merit based no need. You can find a lot of these through your community. A great example would be the elks lodge, nights of columbus, church... Read More »

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Are there any scholarships available for students who did not go straight from High School to the college?

there sure are.... you can go back to college any time you want. try the gov grants first, then private scholarships.i dont know your details, so i will just post all that i have. i know its a lot,... Read More »

Yeah, r there any scholarships available for a trade school or r they unfortnately only available 4 college?

i would think that school would have a list of what is available. maybe could also. you just fill out their questions and submit. they search their databases and email you back with wha... Read More »

Are there any scholarships for single parents with a 4.0?

yup, tons of them. most offered by womens groups, second chance groups (county, state, national) womens orgs, assoc, committees, etc. 1) look in your phone book and look up every womens groups ther... Read More »

Do you know of any scholarships available for visually impared, or severely handicapped students?

Hi. There are many scholarships available for blind and visually impaired and disabled students. Please read through the list below (sorry so long), and I've also included links to help. I teach... Read More »