Are there any safe pop-ups, and can you really win the prizes?

Answer uhm... NO. Thing is, that probably 90% of those pop ups are either scams or just sites that gather information to use it later for spam and publicity. There could be some that are legal, but with t... Read More »

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Is there really any way of keeping a pc 100% safe from trojans?

yeah lol never have the internet connected----edit----there is one way there is a program called DeepFreeze made by fatronics i think you can pay $30 to use software for life, you install it and wh... Read More »

Does anyone remember a childrens pre-school show that had an audience of children and parents and a castle full of prizes You had to pick a key to unlock the castle to win the prizes?

The closest thing would be the interactive- audience (studio) participatory sort of borderline quiz-show Shenanigans. I don"t recall anything resembling a castle or palace, but contestants tossed o... Read More »

Are there any legit sites to take surveys to earn gifts, prizes, or money.?

Stop and think. You want something that's fairly expensive. Do you think that any company is going to give these products away without getting a fair return? Absolutely not. If it did it would ... Read More »

Is the auto fill button the google toolbar safe to use E.g. is it safe to put your personal details in there?

Because of recent scares over 'identity theft'' I would keep personal details to myself as much as possible. It is probably safe but we do not know the skills of hackers. If they make a living fi... Read More »