Do the Garmin nuvi 750's POIs include rest stops?

Answer A large number of POIs (points of interest) come preprogrammed on the Garmin nüvi 750, including hotels, gas stations, ATMs and restaurants. In case a rest stop is not covered in these POIs, users... Read More »

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In Louisiana if there is a lapse in car insurance will there be an extra charge when you renew your vehicle registration?

Im not sure when the fines is due. Depending on how long the lapse is, determines the fine. 0-10 days = $0 11-30 days = $50.00 and up from there

If someone stops at a yield sign and just sits there...?

Doesn't the three second rule apply here!No ram them and come on over for drinks.. I think you need one!

Is there a setting for Internet Explorer 7 that stops DSL disconnects?

There is no setting in Internet Explorer 7 that can stop your DSL connection from disconnecting. These disconnects could occur due to faulty networking equipment or a problem with your DSL Internet... Read More »

Is there nasa in Louisiana?

Joseph Acaba, see