Are there any programs that help 18 yr olds get a kick start with there life?

Answer Many communities do have these kinds of programs. Call your local department of welfare, high school, church, and doctor's office and ask for guidance. I'll bet at least one of them will be able ... Read More »

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Is there anyone out there that needs a little help With life With pain With... anything?

Very kind of you but no thanks................

Are there any natural supplements out there that help with improving skin elasticity?

Hi Jules, men as well as women will see a marked improvement in their skin if they follow a good skin care plan. Cleanse, tone and moisturise daily. Then exfoliate and use a mask a regularly.We all... Read More »

There are two men one says truth other false in a room and there are two doors in that room one is for life and another is for death ask one question and find the life door?

Your vacation pay income tax rate will be the same as the income tax rate on all of your other gross wages income from the same employer.

Is there a website that can help her to start receiving Medicare maybe like a lawyer that...PLEASE READ ON?

Medicare's eligibility requirements are pretty cut and dry. If she is on disability already, she obviously hasn't met the minimum time frame yet. In order to qualify, she has to receive disabilit... Read More »