Are there any problem of eating strawberry during pregnancy?

Answer No, you can safely eat all fruits and berries.

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How to stop bugs eating my strawberry plants?

Slater = Woodlouse - "Oniscus Asellus"They eat mostly dead matter, so are not likely to be eating your strawberries. Most likely it's snails or slugs. They feed at night and hide by day. Trap snail... Read More »

Is eating ice a disease or problem?

A strong desire to eat ice is actually a condition known as Pica (the desire to eat non-food substances), which is associated with anaemia, but the reason for this association is currently unknown.... Read More »

Would vegetarians have less problem eating an animal that would eat them?

I reject to eating shark fin soup as much as I reject to eating rabbit stew.Interesting question.

Do i have an eating problem(no nasty comments please)?

If it is getting to the point where you cant stop making yourself sick then yes you do have a problem, Belemiac.