Are there any positive treatments for pericarditis besides steriods?

Answer The treatment obviously depends of the cause of pericarditis.

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Should i use steriods...?

No, steroids is not the way to go. They have many more bad side effects than good ones. If you are trying to bulk up for whatever reason than look into natural remedies. There are many things that ... Read More »

What modifiable lifestyle factors impact on having a chronic disease like pericarditis?

Symptoms include confusion, rapid weak pulse, cramps, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, headache, and high measured temperatures.

How to Build a Chiseled Physique Without Using Anabolic Steriods?

Technically speaking, its relativly easy to get nice, defined muscle without the use of steroids or other substances.It just takes dedication and time.

You took your test about 100 and it came out positive and then about inthe moring you went to the doctor and it came out positive and you took first respones and im 19 year old?

Answer I do not fully understand this question,but it sounds like you have taken several pregnancy tests and been to a doctor and everyone says you are pregnant but you are only 19? If that is the... Read More »