Are there any other websites of info besides Wikipedia PLEASE!?

Answer google the stuff

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What do websites do with the info they collect about you upon registration?

I'm a webmaster, and I do store some of this information.One of my main reasons is so if there ever is a dispute about who owns the account... Whoever can prove that information is real and theirs ... Read More »

Websites like ","?

Many of these sites buy up keywords so that when you are doing searches their sites will come up on the results the reason is to get more traffic to their site so there is a greater chance for peop... Read More »

Wikipedia + info = bad!!!!!!!!!?

Don't trust a Wikipedia page if it satisfies at least two of the following conditions:-Laden with ten or more [citation needed] tags-Bears at least five maintenance tags-Had broken grammar-Overly o... Read More »

Is wikipedia really a bad source of info?

No, in my opinion, it isn't a bad source of information usually, because it does have most of the right information and many people do put the right info, but there are a few that always have to pu... Read More »