What Other Ways Are There to Get the Emo Hair Without Teasing It?

Answer The term "emo" is short for emotional and was derived from the 80s punk music scene. Many young people wear emo-style clothes and hairdos today. Emo hairstyles can be achieved by people with almost... Read More »

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I am wondering about Hepatitis B. How do you get it. Is it only by sexual contact or can there be other ways?

Hello,TransmissionHepatitis B is largely transmitted through exposure to bodily fluids containing the virus. This includes unprotected sexual contact, blood transfusions, re-use of contaminated nee... Read More »

What other ways apart from shaving and waxing, is there to get rid of pubic hair?

You can get it permanently removed with a laser! It's pricey, but lasts for the rest of your life!

Apart from drinking water, what other ways are there to cure a hangover?

Eat something fatty: a burger, pizza, fries. My brother always said, "Many a 50 cent hamnburger has ruined a good $10 drunk."From I found these cures:CURE #1THE BLOODY MARY (... Read More »

Are there any ways that I could help farm animals other than just being a vegetarian?

Yes! You can spread awareness of how farm animals are treated by joining the Adopt a College program: you can just hand out pamphlets on your own. Most librari... Read More »