Are there any other things like AIM or facebook?

Answer things like AIM -gchatmsn messengerthings like facebook - linkedinmyyearbookmyspacening

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Is there a way of making it so that other people can't see when you like a photo on facebook?

yes, just add that person to your restricted list...not sure why the other people havent figured that out yet

Are there any plans for Facebook to allow other options beside "Poke" I have a few Friends I'd like to "Tap"?

If the tap option becomes available, I have a feeling more people are going to have active facebook accounts-heat

Can Facebook Friends see my comments and if I like other posts on Facebook?

the only way to prevent it is to add people to your restricted list

My screen is stretched on Facebook, and other things on the internet?

He may of zoomed in accidentally. Try hitting Ctrl+0. That's zero, not the letter.