Are there any other sacred sources than the qur'an?

Answer On One Hand: The Sacred Scripture of IslamThe Qur'an is considered by many to be the primary text of Islam. It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. The Qur'an has been called the "greatest literar... Read More »

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Why is Dionysus sacred items sacred?

My friend put his in rice and that seemed to dry out all of the moisture.

How do I ensure my sources are credible and site my sources, on the wikipedia article I just created?

Yahoo! Answers and word of mouth are not very credible sources, if I do say so myself. You're going to need more traditional sources to back them up.Sorry.

When was the Quran written?

The Quran can be traced to A.D. 610, when the prophet Muhammad is said to have started his recitations of the holy verses. Scribes recorded these verses separately, but it wasn't until roughly A.D.... Read More »

When was the Quran made?

There is no universally accepted date for the origin of the Quran. According to the official Islamic position, the Quran was conceived as a series of revelations by Muhammad in 610, and standardize... Read More »