Are there any other sacred sources than the qur'an?

Answer On One Hand: The Sacred Scripture of IslamThe Qur'an is considered by many to be the primary text of Islam. It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. The Qur'an has been called the "greatest literar... Read More »

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Are there other cameras other than Canon with color accent?

Consult your camera manual for specific instructions. Carefully blow any dirt off the rear lens element (use an air can). Note: NEVER USE AN AIR CAN TO BLOW INTO THE CAMERA BODY! You can easily d... Read More »

Is there any other Sky remote control code for plustron other than 0119?

Are there any other herbs/ plants that can be smoked other than marijuana?

Catnip is not very good for the lungs and doesn't get you high. Tea is pretty much the only other option, it doesn't affect anything and gives off strong flavors.

Other than jellyfish, what other natural forms of contraceptive are there?

oh, JELLYFISH are the ONLY natural fact. doctors lie, it is the ONLY reliable form of contraceptive! now go out to the ocean, find yourself a jellyfish and strap that bad daddy o... Read More »