Are there any other places to buy calculators.............?

Answer Ask around at the local schools (High Schools, etc) or look in the local papers or Pennysaver.

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Can stamps be bought other places than post offices?

No, you have other options if you want to buy stamps. U.S. Postal vending machines sell single or multiple stamps, the U.S. Postal Service website offers a number of postage choices and some retail... Read More »

What were some of the other places the ghost took Scrooge?

He went to the Crachit's, and the street where the ghost blessed strangers food, and his nephew's house.

I need to know places I can work if im 16 other than fast food?

Many stores will hire you at 16, but you will have to ask at each store, because policies vary. You also might look at being a hostess in a restaurant. If you are a strong swimmer, lifeguards are i... Read More »

Are there other cameras other than Canon with color accent?

Consult your camera manual for specific instructions. Carefully blow any dirt off the rear lens element (use an air can). Note: NEVER USE AN AIR CAN TO BLOW INTO THE CAMERA BODY! You can easily d... Read More »