Are there any other herbs/ plants that can be smoked other than marijuana?

Answer Catnip is not very good for the lungs and doesn't get you high. Tea is pretty much the only other option, it doesn't affect anything and gives off strong flavors.

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Have you even smoked marijuana?

I have. My first experience was riding in the car with my sister. It didn't really do anything to me since it was my first time and some people don't actually end up high their 1st time.I've done i... Read More »

Does marijuana have any calories when it is smoked?

Response i asked this question. i just wanted to know the calorie content of marijuana, not the amount of calories consumed while "high" on it. how many calories does the actual smoked marijuana co... Read More »

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If you're going to fry up some rashers, then why not fry up some chicken too? No need to go down the KFC, just marinade your chicken thighs or pieces in some jerk spices, coat in a light pancake ba... Read More »

Will marijuana still be in my system after only two hits 11 days ago I haven't smoked in two years.?