Are there any other Smart people on this cite?

Answer So really...What do u do after you turn on your computer?!!!!! lol

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There are smart knowledgeable people on this site - wondering about the role of water in weight lose?

There is the thought that sometimes when you think you are hungry your really just thirsty. If you are drinking the 8 glasses of water per day you probably are not going to drink something else. ... Read More »

Sometimes when shutting down my pc this message appears: "Other people are logged onto this computer" How?

Log them off dude. Has your missis or kids got accounts that they are accessing when you are not on the PC. Go to the shut down menu and select log off.

Any Japanese people out there!...or other?

This site should be good for finding Japanese to connect with.…

Between 1918 and 1920, H1N1 killed 50 - 100 million people. Why isn't there more people dead this time?

Not all H1N1 is the same -- there are different strains.The strain today is not the strain of yesterday -- the outbreak this year was a new strain, DIFFERENT than of 1918.Even if they were the same... Read More »