Are there any non prescription medicines with morphine in it?

Answer No, not legally anyways. Sorry.

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Can I take prescription medicines on my flight?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Travel Safety Administration (TSA) allows you to bring your prescription medications on your flight in your carry-on luggage. This includes medications in... Read More »

Who was the first person to invent prescription medicines?

The concept of prescription medicine dates back thousands of years, so there is no record of the individual who invented prescription drugs. Clay tablets inscribed with the remedy for an illness ha... Read More »

Are there any alternative medicines that help someone with ADD rather than prescription drugs?

We offer a lot of products that would help with ADD. The product that i would recommend is called Focus Factor. Focus Factor is a dietary supplement that supports healthy memory, concentration and ... Read More »

How to Pack Prescription Medicines for Air Travel?

When you travel on a commercial airline with certain prescription medicines, you need to familiarize yourself with current air travel guidelines. Packing for any trip may seem like a daunting task,... Read More »