Are there any natural cures for leg cramps at night?

Answer You can place a bar of soap (Ivory) under your sheet when you sleep at night. The scent from the soap will help relax the muscles, thus no more leg cramps.

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Are there any natural cures for epilepsy?

Give him these two Homeopathic remedies 3 times on the first day and after just once daily, ARNICA MONTANA and NATRIUM SULF both in 200 or 1M potency. Let me know about his progress after three day... Read More »

I inhaled a lot of lysol last night. what problems/cures are there?

I would go see a doctor. You don't want to take any chances.

Is there any natural, holistic, alternative cures for LUPUS disease. Need help please?

Hi Maria, I know that lupus is one of one the deathly disease in the world and even a doctor can be frustrated as you are. But for some reasons I believe that lupus can be cured, not only temporary... Read More »

Is there a natural alternative to help with sleep at night My poor friend hasn't slept for days and apart?

I feel for your friend- But,I have the same problem.I'm a 37yr.old female.And I have Insomnia really bad.I've had a sleep study done.But,nothing I've tried has helped.I've tried- Reading,Simply Sle... Read More »