Are there any multivitamins without vitamin A ?

Answer Just have her eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Grill or bake her meat, fish, chicken or pork. If she eats healthy, she really needs no vitamins.

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Are there vegan Multivitamins?

Yes, but be sure to do your homework on the manufacturers.

Can a vegan get vitamin B12 from the vegetables without ever using vitamin tablets?

No fruit or veggie contains B12.Supplements needed? According to leading vegan experts, yes you need supplements.…http:... Read More »

The Uses of Vitamin E to Heal Skin Without Scars?

Many search for home remedies for scars from surgery, cuts or acne. Though many believe that dabbing vitamin E on the skin can help reduce marks from scarring, the truth is that vitamin E does not... Read More »

Why is there no vitamin F?

Answer The combination of linoleic acid and alpha linoleic acid (essential fatty acids) is often refered to as Vitamin F