Are there any modifications for the Uniden BCT15X?

Answer Most newer scanners, (made or sold in the US after 1994) are not modifiable. The newer scanners can not be modified to get extra coverage of frequencies. Some scanners can, however, be modified to ... Read More »

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Why would there be duct modifications when going to a higher seer rating A/C?

Duct is designed based on CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air the equipment generates. Depending on the CFM you need to increase or decrease the size of the duct. Now if the duct was already too lar... Read More »

Is there a secret to the uniden handheld scanners?

You are NOT ALONE in your FRUSTRATION: There is no "SECRET" to the scanner, but MANY people have found the manual for this unit difficult to understand. Most likely, you are misunderstanding... Read More »

I have a uniden bearcat police scanner and there is a short in the cord and i was wandering if i could get a?

just take the old one to radio shack an they will match it up for you also take the scanner so you can make sure it will work before you leave the store

How to Use Modifications in a Classroom?

Students talking out of turn, hitting other students or not following instructions can be frustrating for teachers. However, there are modifications you can make in the classroom to encourage desir... Read More »