Are there any low sodium options for lunch in Portland?

Answer The Paradox Palace. Not fancy but, good food.

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Toddler Lunch Options?

When you're transitioning from baby food to food fit for a big-kid-in-the-making, you'll want to prepare lunch that is both delicious and nutritious. Although their growing bones and muscles need p... Read More »

What are good breakfast, lunch, and dinner options?

I have fresh fruit like an apple or banana with tea or coffeeI eat a veggie sandwich with spinach, tomato, onion, cucumber, and honey mustard. Also good with provolone cheese. Just an ideaLemon pep... Read More »

You are assisting a passenger with chick-in and she request a low sodium meal What options can you provide the passenger?

Sergeant Majors typically supervise sections within large units or are the chief NCO of Battalion level units or higher.

For those of us too busy to go a bar or liquor store, what are some good lunch options on a busy workday?

Inject vodka into oranges and freeze them. You can peel away to your heart's content at the dwsk and they will think you are nothing more than a health nut and a workaholic. When you finally pass o... Read More »