Are there any laws on children riding in the back of SUVs that do not have a 3rd row seat?

Answer AnswerIf you mean behind the second row, yes, it's illegal. And it's extremly unsafe even if it is legal. There may be a few "behind the times" states that still have the law that as long as all se... Read More »

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What is the law in Illinois about children riding in the front seat of a vehicle particulary in a pickup truck that is not extended cab?

The law states that children under the age of 8 must be secured in an approved child safety seat. 8 years and older just need to be secured with a seat belt. There is no specification as to front o... Read More »

How old does a child have to be to ride in the front seat of a truck when there is a back seat in pennslyvania?

A drained swimming pool will be more dangerous to anyone who could fall into the pit. The pool will need fencing around it that is sturdy and anti-tamper proof. What are your plans for rain water w... Read More »

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Do children have to wear seat belts in classic car that did not have factory seat belts?