Are there any kids headphones that are under a mandatory recall?

Answer At this current time there are no recalls listed for kids headphones. Usually the store that sells the headphones will have info on any recalls. You can check directly with the manufacturer if you ... Read More »

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Where can headphones be bought for a huawei ascend android phone if not then is there a jack that fits in it so that normal headphones can be used?

The headphone jack is 2.5mm. You can buy them from online. They are usually not sold in stores. Most preferred websites is or ebay..

What headphones should I get that are under 50?

Maxwell earphones at any Wal-mart for about $9.95

Is there such thing as a kid myspace but for kids under 10?

You should take more advantage of going outside and playing/hanging out with your friends. It's not good for kids to get into technology at a young age. There's radiation and when your addicted you... Read More »

Is there a marine rotc for kids under 14 in shreveport la?

There were 3229 various JROTC units as of June 2006 (1555 Army JROTC, 794 Air Force JROTC, 619 Navy JROTC, 260 Marine Corps JROTC, 1 Coast Guard JROTC). Additionally, there are cadet programmes ou... Read More »