Are there any kids headphones that are under a mandatory recall?

Answer At this current time there are no recalls listed for kids headphones. Usually the store that sells the headphones will have info on any recalls. You can check directly with the manufacturer if you ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a traditional recall system and a preventive recall program?

Answer A traditional recall system is simply seeing a dentist once every set amount of time, for example every six months. A preventive recall system involves the dentist assessing the risk of ora... Read More »

How to Welcome Kids Home After Mandatory Removal?

When your children return to your house after being removed, there is a large amount of adjusting that needs to be done in order for a sense of normalcy to return to the household. Knowing how to w... Read More »

Where would you be able to purchase kids headphones?

Kids headphones are available at several online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay. They are also available at your local Walmart or Kmart and are inexpensive to purchase.

What headphones are kids buying?

skull candy is a good headphone brand