Are there any jobs for 12 year olds?

Answer CL laws do not prohibit kids age 12 from working for their parents, delivering newspapers, or acting in film or stage play.

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Are there any jobs for 9-year-olds?

Yes, they can do: volenteer work at shelters or parksmowing lawnssell homeade stufflemonade standcar washbake salegardening or yard workNot a lot. The person up there is lying. Sorry, but people do... Read More »

R there any jobs that 13 year olds can get?

mowing lawns, paper route, babysitting, petsitting, errands for old folks (that you already know)

Are there any jobs for 15 year olds in indianapolis?

first of all i think u r very young and should just enjoy being a child but theres alot of places to eat there so a bus boy yes tons of them~~~~also theres alot of VERY NICE HOMES offer to do some ... Read More »

Jobs for age 12 or 13 year olds?

You can't be legally employed, but you can:Mow lawnsHelp elderly neighborsWalk DogsHouse Sit