Are there any job vacancies for general doctors?

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How much do you trust doctors in general, on a scale of 1 to 10?

Well, I think I agree with the poster who said to give a 9+ in life threatening situations... You have to trust them- and you should!However, in general I'd give them about a 5-6 on the trust scale... Read More »

Why it is important to fill employee vacancies?

When there are vacancies within an organization they should be filled because it can lead to poor customer service and a loss in profits and market share. This can also lead to low morale among em... Read More »

When a General Contractors General Liability Insurance is up for renewal is there a grace period after the date of experation that the General Contractor is still covered under to decide to renew?

No. If you elect to renew coverage two days after expiration, some companies may agree to make coverage continuous (for licensing/contract requirements) but they will likely require you to sign a N... Read More »

Anyone knows where can I find a list of the best glaucoma specialists/doctors in London. private doctors only.?

just use the yellow pages or whatever the equivilant of the yellow pages is in england