Are there any "inkless" printers?

Answer Laser printers are a lot cheaper than inkjets. You get thousands of copies per cartridge versus hundreds. The other cheaper option is the Tektronix printers from Xerox. They cost a bit more init... Read More »

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Inkless Printers vs. Inkjet Printers?

I take my black cartridge when empty to Walgreens Drug store where they refill it for $10 in the photo dept. I also print in black/white whenever possible. Their ink works well but they don't do as... Read More »

I'm looking for a portable inkless printer?

There are ink-less printers out there, but they're for photos only. They use what's called "crystal dyes" to print photos in color. I believe Dell and Polaroid both have such portable printers, but... Read More »

I've Heard Repeatedly that Manufacturers of Ink-Jet Printers Are Deliberately Under Pricing their Printers-?

I don't have an answer, but I sure have a comment. I like my Lexmark printer, but I feel I've been robbed every time I but new ink cartridges. For a low paid community college history instructor,... Read More »

Dot matrix printers are high quality printers - True or false?