Are there any homeopathic alternatives to Tylenol PM?

Answer Please don't listen to Soul Doctor. SD has clearly stated that he/she would deny his/her children seeing a doctor and ONLY use Homeopathy. that's just ignorant and evil. Ignore this personOBSERVER.... Read More »

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Is there any Homeopathic medicine to get rid of mastabulation?

Homeopathic Semen humanum 6C - 10M. See:;…Good luck with that..-------EDIT: SoulDoctor, was your answer satire like mine? Because you forgot to specify ... Read More »

Is there any one or two homeopathic remedies I can use for my ailments as described below?

This asker is obviously aware that Arnica does not cure everything, arnica is for aches and pains. There are thousands of homoeopathic remedies and several which help the same problem. Homoeopaths ... Read More »

Are there any homeopathic meds that are like Ritalin?

You need to take your 8 year old to see a professional Homeopath for the right prescription. There's nothing sold over the counter for do it yourselfing. Get in touch with your local Homeopathic As... Read More »

Is there a homeopathic remidy to keep small ants out of the bathroom?

Food grade diatomaceous earth will kill ants and any other crawling insect. There's a website called Wolf Creek Ranch that is full of information on all of its potential uses.The "homeopathic" answ... Read More »