Are there any herbal remedies for anxiety?

Answer Hi KimGirlHere you go.CauseAnxiety disorders occur in people of all ages, but appear to be more common among women. The occurrence of an anxiety or panic attack is often unpredictable, but it may b... Read More »

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What herbal remedies can I use for bad anxiety/tension?

It really depends on what is causing the depression. Try Valerian Root.

Is there any herbal remedies for depression?

The best natural remedies for depression are St. John's Wort, B-12, Choline, and running.Doctors (with the exception of my husband) constantly say the St. John's Wort doesn't work- but they warn yo... Read More »

Are there any natural remedies for anxiety?

There are lots of them. Many herbs and vitamins work great for anxiety and have been used for that long before big pharma came into existence. I've linked a site loaded with them,

Are there herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction?

According to the Mayo Clinic, certain herbal supplements do have an effect on erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. They also report that the safety and effectiveness of the supplements have not been e... Read More »