Are there any grants that pay for online schools that are accredited.?

Answer First of all, because you've been laid off, depending on what field you used to be in, you may qualify for government sponsored retraining. You'll need to ask about this at unemployment. If you don... Read More »

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My wife is looking to go to school online, is there any VA grants that she can use?

University of Phoenix DeVry University +contact the school and the Va office in your town. Good luck

Are there any grants out there that pay for cosmetic surgery needs I know loans will, but i dont want that!!!?

Yes, there are grants out there. You have to do the research. Also some schools pay for your cosmetic surgery after you enroll into their programs. Some hospitals also pay for the cosmetic surge... Read More »

Are there schools that give online high school diplomas?

There are many online high schools that offer diplomas. It is important to check out the online high school's accreditation prior to enrolling to avoid scams offering high school diplomas without r... Read More »

What accredited UK university that offers online course in property management?

There are several state laws that govern property management in California. Apparently, a real estate license is required there in order to manage property. You can inquire at your local city hall ... Read More »