Are there any grants for adults with a learning (grammar) disability?

Answer Harmless:There are no special "grants" for college students with a learning disability, but a "grant" isn't going to help you much, anyway. You don't need money to solve your problem - you need aca... Read More »

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What kinds of loan or grants can you get in the state of Florida you have small flooring company and you also have dyslexia which is a learning disability so yo you could use some help?

Answer There are no "grants" for having dyslexia in the flooring trade as dyslexia has no real impact on performing any of the work involved in running a flooring company. My brother owns a smal... Read More »

How to Teach Grammar to Adults?

Grammar is an important subject for any student. Adults who do not know grammar, or who need a refresher, have different learning styles than children. Adults are also more likely to have ingrained... Read More »

ESL Grammar Activities for Adults?

Teaching ESL to adults can be an intimidating task. Your students may not be of a high enough level to practice everyday conversation yet, leading to awkward gaps and silences in the classroom. A... Read More »

How to Learn English Grammar for Adults?

Many adults who otherwise lead productive, happy lives do not have strong reading or writing skills. One of the most important aspects of learning to read and write well is understanding grammatica... Read More »