Are there any graduate in Occupational Therary abroad?

Answer yes because he is not that smart so needs glasses

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Will people calling me on mobile when im abroad notice i am abroad?

If you are abroad and I ring your mobile, I will get a different tone. The same long tone as you get when your waiting for someone to pick up the phone in the states (like in the movies). Whether... Read More »

What procedures does the Air Force Occupational Analysis Program use to maintain an occupational database that provides information about Air Force jobs?

Collect occupational survey data, analyze occupational survey data, and report on occupational survey data.

Whatsapp abroad/phone abroad Help!?

It will only cost money if you are sending the messages over a data connection (not using wifi).

What happens if a contracted afrotc cadet cannot graduate within the four years that the af wants you to graduate in Will the AF make you serve enlisted or make u pay your stipend back Any exceptions?

The cadet has to pay back the stipends and if they choose to ignore the DOD debt the DOD will deduct the debt from their IRS tax refund.