Are there any good kenyan beers?

Answer Tusker Beer. Arguably the best in Africa. I'm biased though.

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What are some good english beers?

If i drink 25 beers a day, is it good or bad for me?

I drink 30 beers in a hour last weekend but thats beside the point. Just work out during the day and eat right and you will be fine, then you will die when everyone else does. around 77 years of age.

Is 9 beers good for a first time drinker?

What exactly is your question? Are you asking whether it's good for your health or whether you have managed to drink a large amount for your age - or what?

Are good beers Underrated and bad beer Overrated?

I have found the opposite is true. The better beers have large national campaign that support Tex dudes sports but the cheaply made craft beer needs to push the best they can their wildly untested ... Read More »