Are there any good internet surfing programs other than Firefox and IE?

Answer mozilla and firefox are one...thus "mozilla firefox"there is opera is a list of free web browsers

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What are some good web browsers other than internet explorer, firefox, safari, or opera?

Avant BrowserCaminoFirebirdFirefoxGoZillaInternet ExplorerMaxthonMozillaNetscapeOperaSafariSeaMonkeySlimBrowser

There is Internet explorer,Chrome and Firefox what other options are there?

There's a bunch, but not everyone knows about them. Opera, Safari, Netscape, SeaMonkey, K-Meleon, Flock, Maxthon, Lunascape, Amaya, Epic, Arora, Comodo Dragon, Orca, Avant... And the list goes on.

Is there any other programs I can use other than Microsoft word?

TextEdit is another. But it's not as easy to set up and have a good format as Microsoft Word.

Is there any other way to get internet connection other than cable or phone line?

You can't get better than ComCast!!! There are other issues. If you're using Wireless router, try to connect directly to ComCast modem and check if you have the same issue. Ask ComCast to test the ... Read More »