Using reg paper still having trouble scanning coupons at store is there a good setting that could help this?

Answer You may also want to check your black ink in your printer. You may want to try printing the coupon in "Grayscale" or black and white.One last option may be to print the coupon to a PDF using PDF pr... Read More »

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Now that CompUSA, Goodguys an Circuity City have fallen, what is the best electronic store out there?

I would say Best Buy and Ultimate Electronics but there is also places like Wal-Mart or Target, depends on your choice

What month did North RAvenwood Store have the highest sales for product and installation sales?

In what month did the North Ravenwood store have the highest sales for product and installation salesRead the chart that is provided. I believe the answer is June.

Can anyone suggest good salad recipes that I can make for a barbecue this weekend?

chilli lime salad - really good with barbecues!Ingredients1 Cucumber 2 red radishes 2 small carrots 1 green courgette 1 yellow courgette 1 red pepper 1 yellow pepper half a Chinese cabbage (also ca... Read More »

Is there any way I can get a address and phone # of this sales insurance agent who live in Spring Hill, Fl?

Please leave him alone. If he was interested, he would have given you the idea. There are nearly 6 1/2 billion people on this earth, half of which are guys. In your age group, there are probably 15... Read More »