Are there any good and cheap universities in the US?

Answer There are some that are rated by the Fiske Guide as "Best Buys," meaning universities that are relatively low in cost:List:

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Where can i get a good CHEAP laptop from i mean real cheap!?

you can get a laptop from dell really cheap but its not much of a laptop

What are some good cheap (and I mean cheap) decorating ideas?

my sister-in-law made her own curtains. She used two curtain rods in each window (the ones that do not require nails to hang but are kind of like the shower curtain rods, and u can purchase them at... Read More »

Whats a good but cheap camcorder that takes good pictures but doesn't break easily?

You should go with Sony HDR-CX190.…It is under $200 and very good quality. It is a new 2012 model. Go check it out.

Now that im printing out good pics where do I purchase good but cheap pic frames?

have you a local £shop.i get mine there usually 3or 4 (6x4's) or 2 x A4 frames per pack.try woolworths they stock them and are having a salehope this helps