Free phone line!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer haven't tried it.. but if you want REAL free calls.. (looks like that service is limited in where you can call for free, and need to pay if you want to use an ATA) try Read More »

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How to Add a Line to an AT&T Phone for Free?

Monthly phone bills aren't the only expensive part of owning a cell phone, as the actual phones themselves are also pretty pricey. If you have a family, purchasing cell phones for everyone can quic... Read More »

When someone is on a landline phone, and you get put on hold, does the line free up when you hang up?

If a person has the ability to receive two calls at the same time and they are only talking on one call then the line will ring.So you are talking to someone, and another call comes in, you hang up... Read More »

If I call a toll free 800 number from a land line phone, am I charged anything?

If you make a toll free call from your home phone(land line) Then the call is free. With cell phones you are still charged if you are on a min to min plan. Sucks huh?mx

How does a phone line work How does my voice travel along metal Does the phone line use electricity?

Should keep you going for 5 mins!!Telephone:This article is about telephone technology. For the game of telephone, see Telephone (game). For the band, see T鬩phone.The telephone or phone (Greek: t... Read More »